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Rio 2016 - Track Cycling bike saddle
Hairdresser Salon
Antique Office Chairs
Barcelona Chair
Customized dashboard- and parcelshelf mats
Wing Chair
Bar Stools
Key Maps
Leather Business Folders
Leather Business Folders
Leather Notebook
Customized Bags
Customized lounge chair
Customized Gazebo Bag
Vintage Doll Stroller
Workbench for manufacturer of jewellery
Leather wrapped handrails by M&C Vehicle Trimming
Ostrich vinyl wrapped pool billard queue case
Leather bench seats for automobile showroom


M&C Vehicle Trimming is a small, innovative craftsman business located in Adelaide, South Australia. With over 25 years experience in the motor trimming industry, we specialise in custom designed interior and in leather interior for all makes or models of motor vehicles. High quality is ensured by choosing the best in materials, a perfect fitting and a constant control of the raw material and the end product. That way we can guarantee reliability and durability in the long term.


Remember the 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing's plaid upholstery?

Mercedes-Benz just announced that it's bringing the fabric back.

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MG TF 1954

MG TF 1954